In Kazakhstan, meat food mostly prevails. Vegetarian’s meals are not common in the Kazakh traditions. However, such dishes may be included in the menu upon the tourists’ request.

As for meat, beef, mutton, pork, horse-flesh and chicken are widely spread. Among vegetables, potatoes, cabbage, carrot, cucumbers and tomatoes are common. Such groats, as rice, millet and buckwheat, as well as alimentary products, mostly made of wheat flour, are widely used. In traditional Kazakh cuisine the fermented milk products, made of cow’s and mare’s milk are popular, too.

Tea is far more popular than coffee. In cities, it is not recommended to drink tap water without preliminary boiling, unless the tap has a sludge filter. In rural areas, the situation can be different, depending on location: in some areas, the water taken from wells and springs is not just safe for drinking, but also tasty and health-giving. At the same time, bottled water is sold everywhere.