If a foreign national hasn’t got a registration mark in the migration card, which had been given to him upon arrival in the Republic of Kazakhstan (migration cards of the foreign nationals are usually marked upon their arrival through the international airports, as well as some railway and car check-points), he has to get registered in the migration police institutions within 5 days from the moment of crossing the border.

In order to get the registration mark, foreign nationals have to apply to the migration police and provide the passport with valid visa (if applicable) and migration card. Registration is made according to the temporary place of residence. An applicant has to be present in the migration police department together with the receiving party, they must have the document, proving rights of the receiving party for the domicile (copy and original), as well as the identification document of the receiving party (copy and original). Upon arrival to the migration police office an applicant will be offered to fill in the application form. Registration is usually conducted in the day of document feed and is free of charge.