Kyzylarai Tour

Now it’s about 3 months ago that I left Kazakhstan and flew home, but still, think a lot about that trip. Not only because I have some of the photos as the background on my computer.

In Shabanbai Bi I got a real authentic and permanent impression of the hard life in a village and the Kazakhstan hospitality. The host were really nice an friendly people. The nature in the  Kyzylarai mountains and step, the experience of loneliness during the horse trip was awesome and terrific.

On the other hand, the places like the grave of Alikhan Bukeykhanov over the ruins of the mausoleums of the period of the Kazakh-Jungar wars were of minor interest and not worth visiting, regarding the long tour in the car to that places. Perhaps you could focus more on nature and nomadic tradition. (Maybe something with yurts?)

I have to thank Kolya the driver who did his job very carefully and Oxana the guide, with whom I had interesting talks about life in Kazakhstan.