For accommodation of our clients we try to use the opportunities of local communities to the maximum. One of the most widely spread ways of accommodation is the country guest-houses, where tourists live together with the locals.

The Kazakh house in rural area is usually a one storey building, made of stone or brick, quite spacious (4 rooms and more), heated by means of stove. Guests may sleep on the floor (on national mattresses, called «korpe») or in beds (optionally). Most of the guests choose the first variant as the most authentic one.

Water pipe is often missing in a village house. Accordingly, guests have to wash themselves in specially arranged washstands (however, access to bath-house is always possible), while toilet is situated outside the house.

You can also experience an even more authentic variant of accommodation in a yurt – a movable collapsible home of nomads, which is used nowadays seldom, often during the holidays, by the Kazakhs.