Karaganda region is located in the central part of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the territory of the so-called Kazakh Melkosopochnik, which in the past bore the poetic name «Sary-Arka» (”yellow ridge” in Kazakh language).

Within its bounds every now and again you may see the small and cozy mountain oases, where a tired wayfarer may always find the shadow of trees and fresh spring water. The most interesting of them are Karkaraly, Kent, Ku, Kyzylarai, Ulytau and Bugyly.

In spite of the fact, that dry climate is predominant in Central Kazakhstan, you may find here some places with truly maritime landscapes, too. The reason for that are the vast expanses of lake Balkhash, which border upon the southern, semi-desert part of Sary-Arka. The Balkhash is an excellent place for holidays on the beach, fishing and sailing.