Karaganda Ecological Museum (Karaganda, Kazakhstan) is one of the trustworthy NGO-s of the country, whose mission consists in protecting the population and nature of Central Kazakhstan against ecological dangers by means of gathering and distributing ecological information, introducing resource-saving technologies, informing and inducing to action the State structures of all levels, responsible for ecologically significant decisions, developing ecological tourism, implementing research works and searching for the ways of solving ecological problems.  In cooperation with the Karaganda EcoMuseum «Nomadic Travel Kazakhstan» company took part in the implementation of the project «Ecological tourism and public awareness in Central Kazakhstan (ETPACK)» funded by the European Commission. Nowadays this cooperation is continued in the form of mutual support of the Tourist Information Сenter and the souvenir shop, situated in Karaganda city.

«Avalon» Historico-Geographical Society and Public Foundation (Karaganda, Kazakhstan) – its activity is aimed at popularization and propaganda of the knowledge in the sphere of geography and history, promotion of Kazakhstan in particular and Central Asia on the whole as a tourist destination, preservation of natural, historical and cultural heritage of the country and working out solutions for the preservation of the environment, also by means of the development of ecological tourism and alternative means of transportation. In cooperation with Avalon HGS and PF «Nomadic Travel Kazakhstan» company takes part in issuing «Discovery Kazakhstan» magazine-guide, creating map materials, as well as participates in the GEF/UNDP Small grants programme project «Ecotourism in Central Kazakhstan: conservation of the PA Natural resources and creation of economic opportunities in the rural areas».

Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union of Germany (NABU) (Berlin, Germany) – is the oldest and the biggest ecological NGO of Germany, that has about half a million members. NABU operates in many countries of the world, implementing various projects, aimed at nature conservation and nature protection areas development.Together with NABU «Nomadic Travel Kazakhstan» company took part in the implementation of the project of the European Commission «Ecological tourism and public awareness in Central Kazakhstan (ETPACK)».

«Ecologico-Touristic Informational Systems» Group (Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan) – is a creator of the «Wanaway» system of virtual travels in Kazakhstan, which comprises all the new and effective technologies presenting information on tourism and unites them in a logical informational product, available to the millions of users all over the world. Specialists of the «Nomadic Travel Kazakhstan» company made its contribution to creating the informational packages of «Wanaway» system by providing text and photo materials on Central Kazakhstan, as well as other regions of the country.

Kazakhstan Tourist Association (KTA) (Almaty, Kazakhstan) is a non-governmental organization that is engaged in promoting the Kazakhstan tourist product worldwide and unites the companies, concerned with the tourism development in the country, including travel agencies, hotels, insurance companies, airlines, higher education institutions and mass media. In the framework of KTA the Ecotourism information resource center (EIRC) functions in the city of Almaty. Inspection certification of the guest-houses in Shabanbai Bi village, organized with the help of «Nomadic Travel Kazakhstan» company in the framework of the projects in ecotourism development in Central Kazakhstan was made by the specialists of the KTA.

Department of Tourism and Sports of Karaganda Oblast (Karaganda, Kazakhstan) is an authorized public body, responsible for the development of tourism in the territory of Central Kazakhstan. In cooperation with the department, the conference on ecotourism in Kazakhstan was held in August 2010. Cooperation is also effected in other directions, such as manufacturing of the souvenir and information products, mutual participation in tourist exhibitions etc.

Silk Road Media (London, UK) is a publishing company that issues and promotes the magazines and marketing guidebooks devoted to travel and tourism in the countries of Central Asia, such as «Discovery Central Asia» and «Open Central Asia». In cooperation with the «Silk Road Media», «Nomadic Travel Kazakhstan» takes part in the publication of the magazine-guide «Discovery Kazakhstan».

Special American Business Internship Training (SABIT) (Washington DC, USA) is a program developed by the International Trade Administration of the US Department of Commerce in 1990 to promote economic restructuring of the CIS countries. During the last twenty years the main objective of the program is to strengthen the partnership between the countries through scientific, educational and business training for the CIS residents in the US. Under this program, some employees of the company «Nomadic Travel Kazakhstan» were trained in the companies and non-governmental organizations concerned with the development of tourism in the United States.

TRI – «The Regional Initiative» is a network of organizations working in the field of tourism with a common goal to build bridges between the three world regions: South Asia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. The main areas of activity of TRI are: provision of travel vouchers and advisory support, linkages between tourism organizations, providing opportunities for carrying out research in the field of tourism, support for small tourism businesses, dissemination of ideas about the need to use renewable energy sources, promotion of sustainable and ecological tourism. «Nomadic Travel Kazakhstan» jointly with Karaganda Ecological Museum are the official partners of TRI in Central Asia.