The climate of Kazakhstan on the whole and in its central regions, in particular, is extremely continental with a big amplitude of temperatures. It is also characterized by the aridity and predominance of fair weather over the cloudy weather.

Winters are severe (average low temperature is around 15 degrees Celsius below zero, however, intensely cold weather may reach 40 degrees Celsius below zero), blizzards, snowstorms, and ice-crusted ground are common features of the winter in the region.

Summer is usually rather hot (in July average daily maximums reach 20 degrees Celsius, the temperature can go up to 40 degrees Celsius in the hottest periods), hot winds and dust storms can occur in the steppe and semi-arid regions.

The suitable time for visiting Central Kazakhstan is from May to October. The trips in the period from November to April are possible in some of the tours offered. However, the probability of abnormal situations (such as blocking roads due to the snowstorm in the period from December to February, high probability of getting stuck somewhere in the mud in November or March-April) rises. On the other hand, the tour comes to resemble an adventure: some people like it even more.