Despite the apparent easiness and seemingly small heights of the mountains in Central Kazakhstan, hiking here can be quite challenging even for those, who are trained and have experience in trekking, for instance, somewhere in the Alps or the Himalayas.

The main complication of this kind of tourism in Central Kazakhstan is the lack of mountains trails. Thorny bushes and fallen trees are presented in large quantities and occasionally form jungle-like plexus that add more difficulty too.

Apart from that, the excessive relief folding is highly evident and takes its most complex form in the local mountains. Thus, if the height difference between points A and B is 500 meters, in total the climb will take about 1000 meters due to the constant change of climbs and descends on the way. 

Considering the above-mentioned information, a decent physical training, as well as the durable and well-covering clothing are required for the mountain hikes in the Central Kazakhstan region.