Dear clients of Nomadic Travel Kazakhstan!

As a tourist company committed to responsible travel and promoting sustainable ecological tourism we would like to share with you our views on climate change and carbon footprint of tourism in Kazakhstan. We all know that CO2 emissions from most of the transport means and particularly from flying have negative impact to climate and damage environment of our planet. We therefore call you to plan your travels thoughtfully and responsibly. Below is what we think is important to consider before travelling to Kazakhstan. It’s not only about climate but also about making our travels more environmentally and socially acceptable:

  1. Spend longer time in a place. You will be able to get to know the place and people. Decide for yourself is it worth just tick off destinations without feeling the real life and culture of the country. Kazakhstan is a vast country located far away from where most of our tourists come. It’s difficult to avoid flying here from your home countries and we thus recommend coming to at least two weeks to Kazakhstan in order to both make your carbon footprint relatively smaller and learn more about our country.
  2. Make your travel carbon neutral using the carbon-offset schemes such as, 
  3. Always consider alternatives to flying within the country and for short distances. You can choose traveling by train and bus and sometimes even by bike. The example of this could be choosing fast trains from Astana to Almaty or buses from Almaty to Bishkek instead of flying.
  4. Consider what you are contributing to the local economy, and how much the services you use do the same, whether it is through employing local workers and guides or sourcing locally grown products and local services.
  5. Treat the environment of your host country with respect, the same way as you do it at home. Try to support businesses that take care about the environment. Remember that water is scarce in our region and wasting of water can harm seriously our biodiversity and nature.
  6. Be aware that bringing crafts and souvenirs made of wild plants and animals as well as some other products (e.g. caviar) to your home countries can be regulated by international treaties and may require permits. Check the CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) regulations at and make sure that you don’t unknowingly break the law.

Let’s preserve our planet for everyone to enjoy! We always welcome you to come to Kazakhstan!

Yours sincerely,
The team of Nomadic Travel Kazakhstan