Great news! We are glad to announce that Kazakhstan has become more open to foreign citizens. Namely, since January 1, 2017 the citizens of forty-five countries listed below have the access to visa-free entry and transit within the territory of the country.

In accordance with the Government Resolution* citizens of the following countries enter and exit from the Republic of Kazakhstan without a visa if the period of their stay in the country does not exceed thirty calendar days from the moment of crossing the border. Welcome!


1. Commonwealth of Australia

2. The Republic of Austria

3. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

4. Hungary

5. The State of Israel

6. The Hellenic Republic

7. The Italian Republic

8. Canada

9. The Principality of Monaco

10. The Kingdom of Belgium

11. The Kingdom of Denmark

12. The Kingdom of Spain

13. The Kingdom of the Netherlands

14. The Kingdom of Norway

15. The Kingdom of Sweden

16. The Republic of Latvia

17. The Republic of Lithuania

18. Malaysia

19. The Republic of Malta

20. The United Mexican States

21. New Zealand

22. The United Arab Emirates

23. The Portuguese Republic

24. The Republic of Bulgaria

25. The Republic of Ireland

26. The Republic of Iceland

27. The Republic of Cyprus

28. The Republic of Korea

29. The Republic of Poland

30. The Republic of Singapore

31. The Republic of Slovenia

32. The Republic of Croatia

33. The Republic of Chile

34. Romania

35. The Slovak Republic

36. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

37. The United States of America

38. The Republic of Turkey

39. The Federal Republic of Germany

40. The Republic of Finland

41. The French Republic

42. The Czech Republic

43. The Swiss Confederation

44. The Republic of Estonia

45. Japan

* Resolution of the Government № 838 from December 23, 2016 «On amending the resolution of the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 148 from January 21, 2012 «On approval of the rules of entry and stay of immigrants in the Republic of Kazakhstan, their departure from the Republic of Kazakhstan and the rules of migration control and accounting of foreigners and stateless persons illegally crossing the state border of the Republic of Kazakhstan, illegally staying on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and of persons who are denied entry to the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan»