The Bugyly mountain oasis (or Darija, as it is usually called by Karaganda citizens, after the neighbouring railway station) – is an ideal place for those, who want to see extremely much within a short period of time. It is meant for those who want to see steppe sceneries, alternating with small mountain ranges, which are so typical for Central Kazakhstan, and get a truly unique impression of what Sary-Arka actually is.

A couple of mountain ranges, rivers, springs and caves – all this is present in the Bugyly mountains. Due to the fact that these places are situated far from the big cities and roads and are insufficiently explored by the current moment, they are saved in their primeval beauty. As a consequence, here you can still see numerous species of animals and birds, including hares, foxes, wild boars, sociable plovers and even argalis, in their natural habitat.

Those who are interested in history will be glad to know that at the foot of the Bugyly mountains, less than 100 km far from Karaganda, they will be able to observe monumental sepulchers and ruins of the ancient settlement of the late Bronze age (XII-IX cc. B.C.), which are preserved in a quite good state.

Program of the tour

Day 1
Departing from Karaganda near midday. Journey by minibus from Karaganda to Sherubai-Nura river (90 km, 1.5 hours). Beginning of bicycle part of the tour. Journey to the valley of the Shopa river (30 km, 4 hours), visiting the late Bronze age Bugyly necropolis (Begazy-Dandybai culture) including the chieftain’s tomb on the way. Dinner and the overnight stop in tents on the bank of Shopa river.

Day 2
Breakfast. Moving up the Shopa river valley, then to the west, where, to the south of the mountain massif’s highest part, two man-made lakes are situated (30 km, 5 hours). Rest at the lakeside and lunch. Journey to the foothills of the Berkut mountain (12 km, 1,5 hours), the highest point of Bugyly mountains (1141 meters above the sea level). Dinner and overnight stop.

Day 3
Breakfast. A short hiking from the camp along the slope of Berkut mountain, ascending the mountain (the climb is about 300 meters) – optional. Moving down the valley, which is situated east of the main Bugyly ridge, then across the steppe till the Burma train station (14 km, 2 hours), a shortstop for the lunch on the way. The end of bicycle part of the tour. Journey by minibus from Burma to Karaganda (141 km, 2,5 hours). Dinner, end of the tour.

Cost per person (with escort)

Size of group 1 2 3
Price, KZT 323190 193130 149777

The above-mentioned price
includes: an escort vehicle (all-wheel drive minibus), services of escort vehicle driver and guide-interpreter, meals, rent of one mountain bicycle and camping equipment (tents, sleeping bags and sleeping pads).

The above-mentioned price does not include: getting to the starting point of the route (Karaganda) and back.

The program of the tour might be changed due to the force majeure circumstances, including (but not limited to):
official prohibitions on visiting specially protected areas (national parks, reserves, sanctuaries, etc.) due to epizootics or epidemics, fire-setting and other reasons;
official prohibitions on visiting sites, located in the territory of the former Semipalatinsk nuclear test site and Kurchatov town, Saryshagan test site, Baikonur city and Cosmodrome site, and other areas with limited access;
cancellation/postponement of plane, train and other transfers;
extreme weather conditions (steppe fire, snowstorms, lasting rainstorms, etc.) and its consequences (washed out roads, snow drifts, damaged bridges, etc.);
traffic restrictions (closures);
other natural and administrative circumstances beyond the control of the company “Nomadic Travel Kazakhstan”.