Along with urban sightseeing and tours, knowledge and experience of nomadic life are demanded quite often. Generally, after collectivization, industrialization and consequent urbanization, there are almost no nomads in Kazakhstan anymore, for almost 90 years. Nevertheless, this interest may be satisfied. Ethno-awul (nomadic village) still bears many old-fashion features of nomadic life.

Host party is a local family recently migrated to Astana from their village in East Kazakhstan, near Mongolia border. They still prefer living apart from the city, and even in a new village have built their house apart from the rest.

Things that you can see and try during the tour:

Cost provided by request


The program of the tour might be changed due to the force majeure circumstances, including (but not limited to):
– official prohibitions on visiting specially protected areas (national parks, reserves, sanctuaries, etc.) due to epizootics or epidemics, fire-setting and other reasons;
– official prohibitions on visiting sites, located in the territory of the former Semipalatinsk nuclear test site and Kurchatov town, Saryshagan test site, Baikonur city and Cosmodrome site, and other areas with limited access;
– cancellation/postponement of plane, train and other transfers;
– extreme weather conditions (steppe fire, snowstorms, lasting rainstorms, etc.) and its consequences (washed out roads, snow drifts, damaged bridges, etc.);
– traffic restrictions (closures);
– other natural and administrative circumstances beyond the control of the company “Nomadic Travel Kazakhstan”.